About the Forum

In line with the Africa policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary envisaged in the “Opening to the South” foreign policy strategy, the 2nd Budapest Africa Forum (BAF2) will be held on 2-3rd November 2015 in Budapest. Education makes up a traditional element of our relations and it is a key facilitator of development in Africa. Accordingly, the main theme of the forum will be cooperation in education. Within the framework of the state sponsored Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship program – launched in 2013 with the aim to complement our foreign policy – we offered 435 stipends to 19 sub-Saharan countries and 400 stipends to 4 North-African countries. The signing of the necessary agreements for the program is under way but a number of them have been concluded and students from several countries have already started their studies in Hungary. The forum aims to intensify the dialogue with the Africans who had studied in Hungary, members of the Hungarian academic, civil society and business community in order to benefit from their accumulated knowledge and social capital. The target group of the BAF2 will be high-ranking African government officials who studied at Hungarian universities, African ministers of higher education and university leaders. In addition, the forum will provide an opportunity for Hungarian companies who wish to enter African markets. For them, the meeting with our invited alumni guests creates a good starting point for future cooperation. After the plenary session, in cooperation with the Szent István University, we will organize a specialized program in Gödöllő for our African guests.