Ms Maria Sarungi Tsehai

Ms Maria Sarungi who will attend the 2nd Budapest Africa Forum in Budapest between 2015 November 2nd and 3rd. Ms Sarungi is currently the National Director of the Miss Universe Tanzania Porgram besides this position Ms Sarungi works at several other places simultaneously. For instance she is working as Board Member at Nafasi Art Space, she is a Communication Consultant at World Lung Foundation, she is the Founder of Change Tanzania. Ms Sarungi is a Communication Expert with extensive experience in public communication via mass media and social media. She is a skillful manager and coordinator of major events and conferences, award winning film director. Ms Sarungi is a rarely talented woman who is constantly seeking the best way to communicate thoughts, ideas to the world around her.


2015 - To Date    Board Member, Nafasi Art Space
2015 - To Date    Chair of the Board, Akiba Uhaki Foundation
2014 - To Date    Member of the Board of Trustees, University of Dodoma Endowment Fund
2014 feb - may    Member, Constituent Assembly Tanzania
2012 - To Date    Communication Consultant, World Lung Foundation
2012 - To Date    Founder, Change Tanzania
2007 - 2008    Director, African Tales
2007 - To Date    National Director, Miss Universe Tanzania
2000 - To Date    Director, Compass Communication Co Ltd Tanzania


  • Msc in Art, Communications from Eotvos Lorand Science University, Budapest
  • Ms Sarungi is a proud alumnus of Zanaki Secondary School
  • Ms Sarungi is a proud alumnus of Oysterbay Primary School